-LOTR was awesomeeee, return of the king made me tear up a few times. :’)

-Supervisor’s actually really friendly

-Friday, was a half day and so Myra and I decided to do some sort of exercise. So we went to the school gym just did a few sets of weight for our arms (first time using equipments in the gym. Seriously felt like a noob) and then for cardio we climbed a 7 storey building 5 times and climbed an extra 5 storeys to make it to 40 storeys πŸ˜› hehe well that day made me motivated to continue and so today I went jogging w my dad-he walks-initially wanted to jog only 2km cause it’s been SO long since i last went for a jog. But as i was jogging i decided to push myself to do 3km πŸ™‚ Happy w myself. Although the timing was pretty bad. hahahhah it’s alright. I’m just looking at the distance covered anyway.

Thinking of either swimming/running at least 5 times a week for the next 3 weeks-till march- and I WANT to see a difference. I’d be more motivated if i see results haha And it started from yest-friday- so by next friday, I should have exercised least 5 times. Yea. i eat good food w occasional sweet treats(which i’m tryin hard to cut down haha). Shall keep updating πŸ™‚



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