Finally watchin it

LOTR. LIKE FINALLY. Been wanting to watch this trilogy since ages. Finally got a hold of it :’)

Just watched Fellowship of the ring,

Loved it! 🙂 The last few scenes with frodo and sam made me tear :’). Is Gandalf really gone for good? man, i wish not 😦 oh boromir:( sigh

Anyway, I thought Frodo was too adorable :> AND LEGOLAS OMAGAH SO HAWT. Seriously, orlando should consider long blond locks.Looks so goood on him 🙂


I really like the names of the characters. LIKE WHOA Isildur ,Boromir, Faramir, Peregrin Took,Legolas, Arwen *_*, Eowyn, Just listing some of my fav names. I can just say their names out for fun hahahhahahh.

Gonna watch the rest tmr or smething hahahha cant wait ah. Maybe I’ll write about the next two movies, if i have time ah. (GOT TIME TO WATCH FOR 3HRS+ BUT NO TIME TO WRITE… HEH)


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