Can you believe it… I couldnt publish my original post for this and so i copied it, and thanks to my goldfish memory, i copied something elseeee. So when i wanted to paste my post,HAHAH PASTE MY POST. mmmmkay. so when i did, the thing that i copied second came out. hais.

Anyway basically, I have watched this movie 3 times.. but i only completed the whole movie the third time hahah there was always something that came in the way the previous times ><

Lovedlovedloved the movie šŸ™‚ the onyl thing that bugged me about the movie was that they referred to the kids as 14-15 years old. I mean come on, they can easily pass off as 20 year olds. That really bugged me. The part where one of the kids went back to his mom to ask her to take him back in really brought the waterworks :’) It was such a touching scene.. Mrs G’s husband was sucha bitch tho. Leaving her just cause she spent a lot of time doing the thing she truly loved. I mean, he should have been by her side, helping her D:<

The fact that the movie was inspired off a true story really did it for me. Knowing that just made me enjoy the movie 129134919569 times more. You know it happpened. You know the characters ( some i guess) were real. It’s not some movie that’s all rainbows and sunshine and happy endings. THAT’S what I like. Knowing it, i feel for the characters. It’s such an unexplainable feeling.



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