ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH MAD RAGE. This is the third time I am conducting this experiment. Relatively easy experiment, BUT MY RESULTS FOREVER CMI. WHYWHYWHY 😦 Started this experiment on the 7th of January and it’s the 28th today. YES EVERYDAY ( except weekends uh. DUH). Well…

Basically it’s an experiment on yakult. To see the bacterial growth in different temperatures and stuff. Serial dilution, spread pate yadayadayada. I keep getting contaminationnnnn. I don’t know if my techniques are to blame or the sampless. My technique is obviously not fantastic..but I kinda think I know why there’s contamination.. I THINK I KNOW.

Well the first time i did the experiment, I didnt transfer the yakult to a sterile transfer tube. hais another mistake was that I used the same 2 samples for a week. Should’ve distributed into mini tubes so I could use a tube a day. SO… the second time when i did it, i made like 30 mini tubes 15 for room temp and another 15 for the fridge. BUT there was also contamination in the end….


ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh anyway I guess third time’s the charm? Shall see how it goes tomorrow!



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