WOWOWOW. I CANT BELIEVE IT’S SUNDAY ALREADY. This weekend just flew past at rocket speed I swear. Feels like I just left Science park to go home and tadaa it’s sunday now. HAIS. I still have 2 reports due tomorrow.

Kinda halfway through the first report when I realised that I forgot to take pictures of my results. *BANGSHEADONWALL* WHAT DO I DO NOW?! No clue.. Oh well. I guess I’ll have to reach extra early and finish up my report and print it out.So what. It’s due on Monday anyway, not Monday morning nyeheheh. butbutbut….it’s better to submit it

Anyway the other report is on Biochemical Tests. Shall read up on that once I finish up my first report.

Hey at least I started at 5:30 instead of midnight. I just wanna get it over and done with.Then, I can try to do the Biorisk e-tutorials. OH and some other assignment that’s due on the 31st. Crap. Biorisk…Somebody totally used the memory charm against me cause i have no memory of this module whatsoever.


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