Proper Introduction

Just realised that I never really did a proper introduction đŸ™‚ Anyway, the name’s Nimisha, I’m 18 going 19 this year. Studying in a poly in Singapore.

The Invisible Dreamer? Just a random name? NO. Hahaha.

Well the thing is, I consider myself invisible to a lot of people, mostly cause I dont like attention. well maybe sometimes i do. But mostly, i dont. I get really nervous. Although in primary school and secondary school, all i did was perform in front of strangers, for dance of course. Typical uh. Oh wells. Yeah… That didnt really help me in being a confident person… Another reason why invisible, is cause I’m not really like a popular kid or anything. Honestly, I prefer it this way. The less people I interact with, the less drama. HAHA. It’s true k. I usually talk to people if like I’m gonna be with them for the next few years or so. eg classmates. So I can be myslef around them. yeah sometimes I can be a goofball.Not to everyone though. I’m kinda awkward and shy when meeting new people. I guess everyone is. Oh and I have to know them REALLY well for me to be casual with them. heh. People who don’t know me well consider me to be shy, sometimes rude -.-(cause I don’t know them and therefore i dont really try to be all rainbows and sunshine) and also a grumpy girl ( come on I can’t help it if my default facial expression is like that. I have been trying to change that though).

Dreamer? Well, I dream a lot. HAHA LITERAL DREAMS not those I wanna be a singer/doctor kinda dream. “Dreams are successions of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep” Aint gonna cite where I got that from cuz I’m a badass. Yeah. I used to have a book where I’d write really cool dreams i get and stuff. But me being me, i kinda misplaced it in my junkyard aka mydamnroom. So now if I’m gonna get an insanely awesome dream, it’s gonna go right here.


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