SIGH. I was suppose to be done with my reports by 6 but noooooooooo. It’s like 3am now and i just completed them. Well. 1 1/2. Gotta get my results tomorrow.

Procrastination has been a part of me since I can remember. Like ever since I received any sort of homework/assignment. Even in primary school. I remember this one time,during the June holidays to be exact, i think i was in primary 4? yeah and the teacher decided to give us daily asssignment for the holz. So i guess there were like 30 pieces of work to be done? 1 per day. Hhaahahah and the thing is,I only started doing them during the last weekend. Stayed up till 2 to finish them. Man, even at the age of 10, I stayed up that late. Well that explains why staying up is so easy for me.This is only an example…all through secondary school. I got so used to procrastinating, even if the workload was huge, I was a calm buddha.

After every assignment, I will tell myself that I’ll never repeat it again. BUT I DID. It’s a never ending viscious cycle.


SERIOUSLY I HAVE TO CHANGE.I HAVE TO. The thing is, even when i try to not procrastinate, i end up procrastinating anyway. Eg, Friday, I’ll start doing a draft of my assignment blablabla. Then saturday I’ll start on the actual assignment but only do a few lines or so and then i tell myself..SUNDAY MORNING. Sunday morning arrives and I’ll just sit with my laptop on my study table and stare into space. I stare at my wall, outside the window…everything just gets 1293423749239 times more interesting to me. I can just stare for hours.  My mind never stays still. Its always wandering about. Sometimes I wish I was more focused. My dad always complains about my lack of focus. Hey I cant help it 😦

Although I procrastinate, I still get my things done. I won’t be able to get sleep if I don’t get them done hhahahahah.

Alright. This wednesday, I’ll receive a topic for a new report. I PROMISE TO START ON IT RIGHT AWAY. PINKY PROMISE.

I better get some sleep. Gotta meet akilaaa to pass her her ez-link card. hahahahha She asked me to take care of it and i forgot to return it back to her. Gotta be up by 6:45. GOODNIGHT :*


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