Alright let’s get this started. Been wanting a blog for far too long. Guess it’s time. Heh. I want this to be like a little journal where i can write whatever i want and not be judged at all. A place where i can share my emotions and just hang lose man. A few years down the road, i wanna be able to look at this blog and tell myself, wow i was such an idiot. hahahaha I want to pen down the important things that happen in my life 🙂 I BETTER GET MY LAZY ASS TO UPDATE THIS FREQUENTLY. Alright.

First things first. My english is really simple. I don’t really use bombastic words. Just cause i don’t know any. 😛 I mean i used to read a lot of books when i was younger and trust me i LOVED reading. But as years went by, i guess.. i .. just stopped? i know it’s weird to just stop doing something you used to love but hey it happened. My dad encourages good english and he was the one who instilled reading into my life at such a young age. I mean, when i first came to singapore, i had no clue of english. Like seriously.When i arrived, i was at that age where all you did was play and draw. I found it really hard to understand what english was and I was only able to read at the age of 8. yeah. Well let’s not get into details. haha. I’m not saying my english is like poor or something, but well it’s just not that fantastic for writing. Wow hmm i guess that’s why it took me so long to start a blog. CUZ NOW I DONT CARE IF IT’S FANTASTIC. Im just gonna keep it simple.

What shall my next post be about? …

PS. Listening to Impossible James Arthur version. DAMN HIS VOICE IS SO HAWT.


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