chey. no worries nim. be calm. be the buddha you always are and everything’s gonna be alright!

OH btw, momsy ,made chicken curry singa version for dinnerrr. MMMMMMZ





No they did not buy me some expensive gizmo. Today during dinner we had a really really long conversation. 🙂 Been starting to feel pretty lonely lately. Talking to them about itp and all really made me feel better 🙂 We talked about A LOT of stuff. Shared how each others day went :):) We didn’t do much. We just talked. I think for 2 hrs? from like 9 to 11+ 🙂 what a great end to my day. Usually these talks end up in me crying cause no matter what we talk about, we’ll always end up talking about my studies and their expectations of me. I dunno ah, hearing it just makes me cry cause i know i wont be able to fulfill them. sigh. BUT, surprisingly, although there were talks about my studies, they went slowly on me 🙂 Really wish my sister was here 😦 Then it would have been an awesome family moment. I just really cant wait for her to come back! i really miss her 😥

When i was younger i’ve always felt neglected. I didnt feel like i was loved. I always had issues with my parents and sister. As time went by, i guess i matured? haha now all i can think about is spending more time with my parents cause every moment is precious. I’m like 19 this year. Time really flies huh. Wish i was a little kid again.Every moment i spend with them, i want to end off in a good note cause you may never know, anything can happen.

After dinner, i followed them to their room and continued talking hahahhah just really had to let a lot of things out man. I cant call my bestfriend 24/7 just to tell her my petty problems. Anyway snuggled with the momsy in bed and we started talking about my childhood. hahahhah About the time where i threw away my uniform cause there was a hugass stain on it and i was SO scared of my mom then hahahahh and about the times where I’d find her cane and throw it down the chute ( seriously, nothing can be hidden from me. muahahha think i’ve thrown about 6 canes away 😉 ) and about the time in k1 where i went home by myself cause mom was late and that ended in my mom panicking like crazy cause she thought i was missing or something hahah well she found me sitting outside our house 😛 I was quite the kid i must say.  hahahah hearing that story about my sister and me and the door made my mum hug me tighter awwww i could feel the love ❤ Got kinda emotional so i quickly left their room haha. I can get really sensitive at times :/ I don’t really like to show it out though..I prefer to keep to myself.

LOVE MY PARENTS, FAMILY ❤ Don’t know what I’d do without them. Don’t even want to think about it. </3



Can you believe it… I couldnt publish my original post for this and so i copied it, and thanks to my goldfish memory, i copied something elseeee. So when i wanted to paste my post,HAHAH PASTE MY POST. mmmmkay. so when i did, the thing that i copied second came out. hais.

Anyway basically, I have watched this movie 3 times.. but i only completed the whole movie the third time hahah there was always something that came in the way the previous times ><

Lovedlovedloved the movie 🙂 the onyl thing that bugged me about the movie was that they referred to the kids as 14-15 years old. I mean come on, they can easily pass off as 20 year olds. That really bugged me. The part where one of the kids went back to his mom to ask her to take him back in really brought the waterworks :’) It was such a touching scene.. Mrs G’s husband was sucha bitch tho. Leaving her just cause she spent a lot of time doing the thing she truly loved. I mean, he should have been by her side, helping her D:<

The fact that the movie was inspired off a true story really did it for me. Knowing that just made me enjoy the movie 129134919569 times more. You know it happpened. You know the characters ( some i guess) were real. It’s not some movie that’s all rainbows and sunshine and happy endings. THAT’S what I like. Knowing it, i feel for the characters. It’s such an unexplainable feeling.



ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH MAD RAGE. This is the third time I am conducting this experiment. Relatively easy experiment, BUT MY RESULTS FOREVER CMI. WHYWHYWHY 😦 Started this experiment on the 7th of January and it’s the 28th today. YES EVERYDAY ( except weekends uh. DUH). Well…

Basically it’s an experiment on yakult. To see the bacterial growth in different temperatures and stuff. Serial dilution, spread pate yadayadayada. I keep getting contaminationnnnn. I don’t know if my techniques are to blame or the sampless. My technique is obviously not fantastic..but I kinda think I know why there’s contamination.. I THINK I KNOW.

Well the first time i did the experiment, I didnt transfer the yakult to a sterile transfer tube. hais another mistake was that I used the same 2 samples for a week. Should’ve distributed into mini tubes so I could use a tube a day. SO… the second time when i did it, i made like 30 mini tubes 15 for room temp and another 15 for the fridge. BUT there was also contamination in the end….


ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh anyway I guess third time’s the charm? Shall see how it goes tomorrow!



SIGH. I was suppose to be done with my reports by 6 but noooooooooo. It’s like 3am now and i just completed them. Well. 1 1/2. Gotta get my results tomorrow.

Procrastination has been a part of me since I can remember. Like ever since I received any sort of homework/assignment. Even in primary school. I remember this one time,during the June holidays to be exact, i think i was in primary 4? yeah and the teacher decided to give us daily asssignment for the holz. So i guess there were like 30 pieces of work to be done? 1 per day. Hhaahahah and the thing is,I only started doing them during the last weekend. Stayed up till 2 to finish them. Man, even at the age of 10, I stayed up that late. Well that explains why staying up is so easy for me.This is only an example…all through secondary school. I got so used to procrastinating, even if the workload was huge, I was a calm buddha.

After every assignment, I will tell myself that I’ll never repeat it again. BUT I DID. It’s a never ending viscious cycle.


SERIOUSLY I HAVE TO CHANGE.I HAVE TO. The thing is, even when i try to not procrastinate, i end up procrastinating anyway. Eg, Friday, I’ll start doing a draft of my assignment blablabla. Then saturday I’ll start on the actual assignment but only do a few lines or so and then i tell myself..SUNDAY MORNING. Sunday morning arrives and I’ll just sit with my laptop on my study table and stare into space. I stare at my wall, outside the window…everything just gets 1293423749239 times more interesting to me. I can just stare for hours.  My mind never stays still. Its always wandering about. Sometimes I wish I was more focused. My dad always complains about my lack of focus. Hey I cant help it 😦

Although I procrastinate, I still get my things done. I won’t be able to get sleep if I don’t get them done hhahahahah.

Alright. This wednesday, I’ll receive a topic for a new report. I PROMISE TO START ON IT RIGHT AWAY. PINKY PROMISE.

I better get some sleep. Gotta meet akilaaa to pass her her ez-link card. hahahahha She asked me to take care of it and i forgot to return it back to her. Gotta be up by 6:45. GOODNIGHT :*

Proper Introduction

Just realised that I never really did a proper introduction 🙂 Anyway, the name’s Nimisha, I’m 18 going 19 this year. Studying in a poly in Singapore.

The Invisible Dreamer? Just a random name? NO. Hahaha.

Well the thing is, I consider myself invisible to a lot of people, mostly cause I dont like attention. well maybe sometimes i do. But mostly, i dont. I get really nervous. Although in primary school and secondary school, all i did was perform in front of strangers, for dance of course. Typical uh. Oh wells. Yeah… That didnt really help me in being a confident person… Another reason why invisible, is cause I’m not really like a popular kid or anything. Honestly, I prefer it this way. The less people I interact with, the less drama. HAHA. It’s true k. I usually talk to people if like I’m gonna be with them for the next few years or so. eg classmates. So I can be myslef around them. yeah sometimes I can be a goofball.Not to everyone though. I’m kinda awkward and shy when meeting new people. I guess everyone is. Oh and I have to know them REALLY well for me to be casual with them. heh. People who don’t know me well consider me to be shy, sometimes rude -.-(cause I don’t know them and therefore i dont really try to be all rainbows and sunshine) and also a grumpy girl ( come on I can’t help it if my default facial expression is like that. I have been trying to change that though).

Dreamer? Well, I dream a lot. HAHA LITERAL DREAMS not those I wanna be a singer/doctor kinda dream. “Dreams are successions of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep” Aint gonna cite where I got that from cuz I’m a badass. Yeah. I used to have a book where I’d write really cool dreams i get and stuff. But me being me, i kinda misplaced it in my junkyard aka mydamnroom. So now if I’m gonna get an insanely awesome dream, it’s gonna go right here.


WOWOWOW. I CANT BELIEVE IT’S SUNDAY ALREADY. This weekend just flew past at rocket speed I swear. Feels like I just left Science park to go home and tadaa it’s sunday now. HAIS. I still have 2 reports due tomorrow.

Kinda halfway through the first report when I realised that I forgot to take pictures of my results. *BANGSHEADONWALL* WHAT DO I DO NOW?! No clue.. Oh well. I guess I’ll have to reach extra early and finish up my report and print it out.So what. It’s due on Monday anyway, not Monday morning nyeheheh. butbutbut….it’s better to submit it early..no?

Anyway the other report is on Biochemical Tests. Shall read up on that once I finish up my first report.

Hey at least I started at 5:30 instead of midnight. I just wanna get it over and done with.Then, I can try to do the Biorisk e-tutorials. OH and some other assignment that’s due on the 31st. Crap. Biorisk…Somebody totally used the memory charm against me cause i have no memory of this module whatsoever.